Dread (feat. Rheese Peters)

by Initiate Jericho

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This sensation that resides in my head,
Crushing my will, leaving me in a state of dread,
Wishing there was an easier way out,
If only, only thinking about the end.

A desolate soul left to rot upon this earth,
My existence has been aimless from birth,
What is the point of this life if you make nothing of yourself?
My life holds no purpose but to die.

Death knows exactly what it's like to be you,
To want you, to crave nothing but your life,
It longs for those who feel the very same as you do,
To close the gaping mouth of emptiness within your wretched soul.

It speaks from beyond the grave,
Narrow fingers of bone creep up around your throat,
Death is calling your name, an almost silent whisper to bring you ever closer,
A new love cries out for you.

I call out for death in vain,
I can't help what goes on in my brain,
Lord help me I'm insane,
Release me from this pain.

Do you wish to see me bleed?

Time’s up,
Strung up,
By the throat,
Let it all go.

Nothing left to give, nothing left to lose.

Feeling the presence of death,
I step into his hands and let him lead me to the Elysium.

Almost within my reach,
I try to take it in but the essence slips through my fingertips like sand.

You are not worthy of solace,
You are forever doomed to live in Tartarus.


released June 27, 2016
Music by Terrence Kilner, Michal Mis, Thomas Joyce-Brandon, Jeremy Rutledge and Tyson Cooke.
Lyrics by Terrence Kilner and Rheese Peters.
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Michal Mis (Sienna Studios).
Special thanks to guest vocalist Rheese Peters.



all rights reserved


Initiate Jericho Brisbane, Australia

Initiate Jericho is:
Jared Bray
Jeremy Rutledge
Thomas J. B.
Elliott Sauvage
Gage Cattermole

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